The Diamond M19 Tank Transporter was a heavy tank transporter system used by Allied Armies throughout World War II. Consisting of a 12-ton 6×4 M20 Diamond T Model 980 truck and the 12-wheel M9 trailer, the M19 was deployed as a heavy prime mover. The T Model 980 truck was equipped with a winch, mounted behind the cab, for hauling damaged tanks aboard the M9 trailer. The M19 proved highly capable of transporting the largest and heaviest tanks throughout all theatres during WW2.

I❤️Kit US M19 Tank Transporter W/ Soft Top Cab features:

  • Highly detailed complete truck and trailer kits.
  • Complete truck chassis with engine, transmission, and suspension assemblies.
  • Highly detailed driver’s cabin with full interior, tarp, and .50 Cal machine gun.
  • Highly detailed rear mounted winch.
  • Detailed rear truck bed with stowage bins.
  • Highly detailed trailer assembly with frame and axles.
  • Highly detailed rear axles and front rotating dolly.
  • Rubber tires for truck and trailer wheels.
  • 2 PE frets.
  • Length of thread to depict winch cable.
  • 1 marking option.