Ukrainian T-84M Oplot

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Ukrainian T-84BM Oplot MBT

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T-84 Oplot-M

(Modernized), or “BM Oplot”: The newest and most sophisticated version of the T-84 is an upgraded version of the “T-84 Oplot” mounting more advanced armor, new electronic countermeasure systems, and others. One visible feature is the new PNK-6 panoramic tank sight.

T-84 Oplot-T

“BM Oplot-T” is an export version for Thailand.It has some minor modifications to meet local requirements, such as different radio, air conditioner and so on. Thailand ordered 49 of these main battle tanks. Originally it was planned that all of these MBTs will be delivered by 2014. However due to ongoing military conflict in Ukraine by 2017 only 25 of these tanks were delivered.


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