The US M31 TRV, also known as the T2 was a tank/armoured recovery vehicle used during World War II by the United States. The M31 TRV was based on the M3 Lee medium tank chassis. The M31 was equipped with a turret mounted boom, in addition to various tool boxes, which replaced both the 75mm gun rotor and the 37mm gun in the turret. Both of the tank’s barrels were replaced with dummy versions to give the appearance of a fighting vehicle. The M31 TRV was able to perform recovery operations from all sides by orienting its turret mounted boom.

The M31 saw combat deployment and operation throughout the Second World War until its replacement by the Sherman based M32 TRV. 

Takom M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring accurate details.
  • Accurately riveted lower and upper hull assemblies.
  • Detailed turret with subtle cast texture.
  • Highly detailed crane boom with various mounted tank parts.
  • Optional wrecker or crane building positions.
  • Highly detailed link and length T51 tracks with jig.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Length of copper wire to depict crane cable.
  • 5 marking options.