The MAN M1001 was a high mobility 8×8 off-road truck, specially developed for the United States Army and Air Force, manufactured by MAN SE in Germany. Known as Category 2 trucks, with 4 versions, the M1001 was developed at the request of, and in close cooperation with, the US armed forces.

The M1001 was primarily used as the prime mover for the Pershing II nuclear missile. The tractor was equipped with an 8-ton crane for handling and assembling the missile components, in addition to a generator to power the launcher.

IKit M1001 W/ M790 Pershing II Missile Launcher features:

  • Highly detailed M1001 truck.
  • Complete M1001 chassis assembly.
  • Highly detailed suspension system assembly.
  • Highly detailed engine with transmission.
  • Complete driver cabin’s interior with dashboard, seats, and inner details for the doors.
  • Highly detailed 8 ton winch.
  • Intricate assembly Pershing II launcher trailer.
  • Metal tubes for trailer stabilising arms.
  • Highly detailed Pershing II missile with separate cone.
  • 2 PE frets.
  • Pre-cut masking sheet.
  • 2 marking options.