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Russian 9A52-2 Smerch

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Russian Long-range Rocket Launcher 9A52-2 Smerch
The long-range rocket launcher 9A52 Smerch designed by the Russian Splav State Research and Production Enterprise entered service in 1987. Its variant 9A52-2 is currently the army unit’s long-range assault firepower in Russian Army. It mainly provides fire support and suppresses and destroys enemies within the operational area. When necessary, it can be used to reinforce to an assault division unit. The 9A52 Smerch is based on a MAZ-7310 chassis. The rocket launcher contains twelve 300mm launch tubes. Its minimum and maximum firing ranges are 20km and 90km, respectively. It’s fitted with an inertial guidance system with a laser gyroscope. It can fire a variety of rockets with different warheads like anti-personnel cluster bombs, incendiary cluster bombs, fuel-air explosives and mine-laying cluster bombs. It’s one of the most advanced rocket launchers in the world.

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