The Puma AEV, armored engineering vehicle, is a heavily modified version of the Sho’t, which is in itself a modified British Centurion Tank in use with the IDF since the early 1990s.  Equipped with a front Nochri Degem Dalet mine roller system, an airburst carpet mine clearing system developed by Rafael, the Puma AEV can carry a crew of up to 8. Armed with two 7.62 mm FN MAG general purpose machine guns, one remote controlled Overhead Weapons Station (OWS), a 60mm mortar, and two smoke dischargers for deploying smoke grenades.

The mine clearing carpet system consists of 20 rockets that the crew can fire from within the safety of the vehicle. The rockets contain a fuel-air explosive warhead which spreads a cloud of fuel fumes that are then detonated, thus destroying most mines in the proximity of the explosion. Advancing behind the set of front mounted mine rollers, the Puma AEV clears a path for advancing troops and vehicles in its rear.

Hobby Boss PUMA AEV consists of 28 green plastic sprues, 2 brown sprues for the individual track links, 1 clear plastic sprue for the periscopes and vision ports, a slide molded lower hull, rubber rims for the wheels, a PE fret with a length of copper wire and metal chains, and a decal sheet. The kit features fine details as can be seem on the armored block house, casting details on the exhaust covers and mine roller system’s wheels, and visible weld lines on the vehicle. The kit comes with 2 types of road wheels. The CARPET mine clearing system can be built with either the airburst rockets or without, and is movable after assembly.

One marking option is included for a vehicle painted in IDF Sinai Grey, while the huge decal sheets includes plenty of options for other vehicles.