The Puma CEV, combat engineering vehicle, is a heavily modified version of the Sho’t, which is in itself a modified British Centurion Tank in use with the IDF since the early 1990s.  Featuring a newly installed dog house, up armored side skirts with slat armor, the Puma CEV serves as the transport carrier for the Engineering Corps of the Israeli Defense Forces IDF. The installed upper hull dog house allows for a higher point of view for the engineers while being protected from any small arms fire by the armored glass. Equipped with two 7.62 mm FN MAG general purpose machine guns on the lower hull and two on each side of the dog house, two smoke dischargers for deploying smoke grenades, the vehicle can carry a crew of up to 8.

Hobby Boss Puma CEV consists of 16 grey plastic sprues, 4 brown sprues for the individual track links, 2 clear plastic sprues for the periscopes and vision ports, a slide molded lower hull, rubber rims for the wheels, a PE fret with a length of copper wire and metal chains, and a decal sheet. The kit features fine details as can be seem on fine rivets on the armored dog house, armor cast details on the exhaust covers, as well as the visible weld lines on the vehicle. The kit included 2 types of road wheels for either the early or late version.

One marking option is included for a vehicle painted in IDF Sinai Grey, while the huge decal sheets includes plenty of options for other vehicles.