It’s like going on a journey to the unknown with the Horten Brothers!

About 70 years ago, in Germany nearing the end of war, it was ready to spread its wing in the sky like a phoenix.
Because of its breathtakingly unique appearance, people who saw it for the first time carved it into their memories as an image of future aircraft.
Time has finally come for Horten to make its come back as the 8th SWS 1/32 kit! You will enjoy and get a valuable experience by building this kit, as if you are on a journey to “the unknown world of aircrafts” with the Horten Brothers!

By building it from scratch, you will understand the Horten. While installing the Jumo 004 engine, building the cockpit and mounting the cannons onto it, you can imagine the Horten flying in the sky. You can feel the joy of the pilot returning to his base in triumph.
Now, Horten is here as the best scale model kit!


The Junkers Jumo 004 was the world’s first axial compressor jet engine in practical and operational use. As an SWS kit, we recreate every detail of not only the visible parts like intake cones and nozzle needles, but also the invisible inside parts where compressor stators and compressor rotors are alternately installed and a drive shaft is passing through the center.

Landing Gear.

The Flying Wing, which cannot be equipped with high lift device, has a landing speed that tends to be high, and has to land keeping its horizontal line as it is difficult for it to land with a high angle. This means that the landing depends exclusively on the front wheel. Ho 229 V3 is equipped with robust struts and a huge front wheel that can withstand this shock. In SWS, we properly recreate that tough landing gear. Please enjoy and feel its strength!


The war had ended before cannons were loaded on the actual aircrafts, but as a fighter, Ho 229 V3 was planned to carry two of Rheinmetall-Borsig MK 103. We made this SWS kit based on the assumption that “if these cannons would have been used in actual warfare”. Bullets are fed thorough the interval of the main wings to the cannon. Please enjoy the unique bullet feeding way!

Decelerator Device.

Buckets of Flying Wing, which is not equipped with tail unit, are used mainly for attitude control. Devices for deceleration like airbrakes and drag chutes are mounted on the undersurface of the rear fuselage. Also, drag rudders on upper and undersurface of the main wings undertake the role of rudders that are usually on aircraft equipped with tail unit. When unfolded, the drag rudders create air resistance and slow down the wing. Only with SWS, you can gain a much better understanding of the Flying Wing’s mechanism while building the kit!

Main Wing.

Structurally speaking, the plane doesn’t have vertical tail fin that reflects radar waves, and we recreated its high-steel aspect due to its painting made of wood-carbon powder! It is really surprising that the Horten brothers did this unique and advanced designing 70 years ago, in late World War II when they had a hard time! Please add this “Luftwaffe Mysterious Wing” to your aircraft collection!


The pilot’s seat is an ejection seat made of pipe frame and metal plate, and footholds for ejection have been made on the front edge of the seat. Based on the documentation and the investigations into the real aircraft, we have recreated as much as possible every detail of flight instruments and operation systems around the cockpit. Everything is packed into a very small space with just enough room for only one person to sit down! It looks like a real fighter! You can recreate a unique cockpit of Horten by yourself!

Internal Structure.

The powerful jet engine and robust struts which can withstand the landing shock are recreated, as well as the internal structure made of steel pipe frames that surround the cockpit and connect the engines with other parts. The rods of the operation system are extending as though they are delivering the pilot’s will to every corner of the airframe. Auto cannons, flight control surface, deceleration device…You can enjoy all of the extraordinary mechanisms!