The Russian Ural 4320 is a general purpose off-road 6×6 truck, produced at the Ural Automotive Plant in Russia. Primarily designed to transport cargo, people, and trailers across various terrain. The 4320 filled various roles on the battlefield as command, ambulance, armoured trucks, as well as serving as the launching platform for the BM-21 “Grad” rocket launcher. First introduced in 1976, the 4320 saw service with the Russian military and various countries throughout various conflicts including the recent Russo-Ukrainian War.

Later versions of the Ural 4320 were fitted with extended engine compartments to fit the turbocharged YaMZ-236 engine, which can be easily distinguished by the right fender mounted air filter.

Trumpeter Ural 4320 Russian Truck Early features:

  • Highly detailed kit. 
  • Complete chassis assembly with engine, transmission, and suspension.
  • Complete driver cabin’s interior with dashboard, seats, and inner details for the doors.
  • Highly detailed spare wheel rack.
  • Single piece cargo bed with wood effect.
  • Rubber tires with realistically reproduced tread pattern.
  • Clear parts for windows and lights.
  • 2 PE frets.