The M47 Patton was an American Medium tank, developed to replace the M26 Pershing and M46 medium tanks. Named after General George S. Patton, the M47was based on the M46 tank with an updated turret. The M47 Patton was the U.S. Army’s and Marine Corps’ primary tank and was widely used by U.S. Cold War allies.

Most of the M47 tanks were exported to various countries in the late 50s, and saw extensive use by many countries throughout various conflicts.

Takom US Medium Tank M47 Patton 2 in 1 features:

  • Highly detailed kit.
  • Highly detailed lower hull with bolts details, cast texture effect, and cast marks.
  • Link and length tracks with assembly jig.
  • Highly detailed upper hull with cast texture effect, and early tpe engine deck.
  • Separately moulded, early type side fenders with tool boxes and exhausts.
  • Highly detailed turret with cast texture effect.
  • Highly detailed commander’s cupola and .50 Cal machine gun.
  • Optional main gun mantlet dust cover.
  • Optional turret side rails and smoke dischargers for the German version.
  • 2 types for main gun barrel.
  • 4 types for muzzle brake.
  • 6 marking options.