Ryefield Model‘s T-34/D30 122 mm Syrian Self Propelled Howitzer is now in stock!
The T-34/D30 122 mm Syrian Self Propelled Howitzer was a Syrian self propelled gun (SPG) conversion of the T-34 tank, armed with a 122 mm D-30 howitzer on the front of the upper hull. Built from surplus stocks of the T-34, the T-34/D30 was first used against Israel in the 1973 during the Yom Kippur War.
Ryefield Model’s recently released T-34/S30 is an impressive model of a fascinating subject. The kit consists of 338 parts, including a highly detailed slide molded lower and upper hull, and 37 PE parts. Two options for the engine deck hatches – are included, giving the modeller the option to either choose the solid mesh of the photo-etched mesh. The link-and-length tracks are highly detailed with a realistic slack effect. The plain dish main road wheels feature smooth plastic moulded rubber rims, making painting the rubber rims much easier. The Syrian T-34/D30’s gun features crisp details with breech and recuperator details.