The T-34/85 is a Soviet medium tank that fought with the Soviet armoured forces throughout the Second World War. Armed with a greatly improved 85 mm gun over its predecessor, its general specifications remained unchanged until the end of the war. The T-34/85’s sloped armour provided good protection against anti tank weapons, altering future tank designs later as seen on the German Panther tank. Its relatively cheaper cost to produce resulted in a profound effect on the conflict’s outcome despite suffering the most tank losses ever against the German Wehrmacht.

Border Model‘s Russian T-34/85 Composite Turret Plant 112, item No: BT-027 features:

  • Slide moulded lower hull featuring crisp bolts and weld lines.
  • Newly tooled slide moulded turret distinctive to factory no.112, with reproduced cast texture and weld lines.
  • Finely reproduced cast texture on the forward DT machine gun firing port.
  • Aluminium main gun barrel.
  • Slide moulded single piece external fuel tanks.
  • Fully workable suspension with metal springs.
  • Clickable, fully workable tracks, and cast numbers on the rubber rims.
  • Clear parts for headlight and periscopes.
  • One PE fret.
  • 5 resin figures.
  • 4 marking options.