The German Schützenpanzer PUMA is a German infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) designed to replace the ageing Marder IFVs currently in service with the German Army. The German army has planned to have around 350 new Pumas delivered for service by 2020. Armed with the Rheinmetall 30mm autocannon, and a coaxial 5.56mm MG4., the PUMA is powered by a 1090 hp engine and has the capability to carry six fully equipped troops, ready to be deployed into battle.

Considered as one of the world’s best protected, and technologically advanced, the Schützenpanzer PUMA went through extensive hot, dry desert testing in the UAE, as part of the vehicle’s extensive climatic performance qualification. These trials would insure a successor to the older Marder IFVs currently deployed in hot dry combat environments.

Ryefield Model German Schützenpanzer PUMA UAE Version features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details.
  • Newly tooled upper hull, side skirts, and rear ramp for desert version.
  • Realistically reproduced non-slip texture on the upper hull.
  • Finely moulded hedgehog armour on the turret.
  • Single piece, slide moulded 30mm barrel with highly detailed muzzle.
  • Fully workable tracks after assembly.
  • Clear parts for periscopes and vision ports.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Length of copper cable to depict tow cable.
  • 1 marking option.