The MAZ-7410 tractor is a prime mover with a shorter wheelbase based on the MAZ-543 series vehicle, which was specialized in carrying numerous missile and artillery systems such as the Elbrus SCUD and the BM-30 SMERCH heavy multiple rocket launcher system. Powered by a standard tank’s 38.9-liter diesel engine, the MAZ-7410 contains two separate cab compartments on each side of the engine for a total crew of 4. Sharing both the engine and various components from the MAZ-537 family, the MAZ-7410 was developed to haul and transport heavy loads and vehicles with the use of the various towed semi-trailers.

Trumpeter’s 1/35th scale Russian MAZ-7410 Tractor W/ ChMZAP-5247G Semi-trailer consists of 23 light grey plastic sprues, 1 clear sprue for the windshields and vehicle lights, 3 PE frets, rubber wheels, a length of copper wire for the tow cable, and a decal sheet. The kit features cleanly molded, well defined details as can be seen on the slide molded engine hood, and side fuel tanks. The tractor includes an intricate chassis assembly incorporating a highly detailed engine, as well as a full drive train assembly and transmission system. Both side crew cabs feature complete interior details for the crew’s seats, doors, and various panels. One soft styrene sprue is included in the kit to replicate the multiple radiators’ heat blankets, covers used in extreme weather. The included rubber wheels feature a realistically reproduced tread pattern, with detailed wheels hubs. 91 parts are included in the 3 PE frets to be used on both the tractor and trailer. The kit comes with laser cut masks to aid in painting the windows of both crew cabs.

The flatbed trailer and bed floor consist of single large molded parts with well defined details, in addition to the numerous parts for completing the trailer’s suspension system, two foldable ramps, and various smaller details.

One marking options is included for one unknown unit colored in overall Russian Green.