The M1117 Guardian, Armored Security Vehicle (ASV), is a wheeled, armoured vehicle developed in the late 1990s. Primarily planned for service with the United States’ Military Police Corps, the M1117 was also utilised by American military police and convoy security units in Iraq and Afghanistan. The ASV was the first U.S. military vehicle to be built on a specialised mine-resistant hull, proving adequate as a direct response to improvised explosive devices’ threats to US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Armed with an Mk 19 grenade launcher and an M2 Browning .50 Cal machine gun, in a turret similar to that used on the Amphibious Assault Vehicle, the M1117 was a more heavily protected and heavily armed alternative to the armoured M1114 “Humvee”.

Trumpeter 1/35 M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle (ASV) features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details and weldlines.
  • Realistic anti-skid texture on upper hull and turret surfaces.
  • Rubber wheels with realistically reproduced tread pattern.
  • Vinyl ammo belt for 40mm grenade launcher.
  • Clear parts for armoured windows and lights.
  • Length of copper chain for front winch.
  • 2 PE frets.
  • 2 marking options.