The Oshkosh M1070 is a Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET), in current service with the U.S Army, primarily purposed for transporting tanks, armored personnel carriers, self propelled guns, armored bulldozers, and various heavy vehicles.

During the Iraq War, the vulnerability of supply convoys became apparent with Iraqi insurgents attacking convoys on a regular basis. This led to the conversion of a regular M1070 HET into a an armored gun truck, hauling an armored compartment on its back with 2 gunner stations, to provide protection to convoys. The M1070 gun truck also received survivability upgrades including the Heavy Equipment Transporter Urban Survivability Kit (HUSK) with cab armor, energy attenuating seats, a floating floor, blast reducing floor mats, and a fire extinguishing system.

Hobby Boss 1/35 M1070 Gun Truck, item no: 85525, features:

  • 1 piece slide molded armored shell, and engine hood.
  • Fully detailed driver’s compartment.
  • Full drive train assembly complete with transmission, differential housing and suspension units.
  • Highly detailed auxiliary power unit, compressor, and control panel.
  • Rubber tires with realistically reproduced tread pattern, and side details.
  • Two detailed winch assemblies mounted behind the cab.
  • Armored shell housing two gunner stations, with armored back plates.
  • Detailed .50 caliber M2 machine gun, and 40mm automatic grenade launcher.
  • 6 photoetched frets.
  • Metal rods for rear mud flaps.
  • Rubber parts for the airbag suspension.
  • 1 marking option for one 3-tone US unit in Iraq.