The German Leopard 2A7 is a modernised version of the Leopard 2A6 main battle tank. Featuring new armour upgrades, a new weapon engagement system capable of firing highly explosive (HE) rounds, the Leopard 2A7 is also equipped with a crew compartment cooling system.

Manned by a crew of 4, the tank is armed with a 120mm main gun, in addition to two 7.62mm machine guns.

Ryefield Model Leopard 2A7 German Main Battle Tank features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details.
  • Newly tooled turret with anti-skid texture.
  • Newly tooled lower hull with anti skid texture.
  • Detailed APU on the right side of the tank.  
  • Workable torsion bar suspension system.
  • Fully workable tracks after assembly.
  • Optional early or late parts included.
  • 3D printed muzzle cover.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • 3 marking options.
  • Bonus tools set with PE parts included in the first release batch.