The KF51 Panther is a German main battle tank currently under development by Rheinmetall Landsysteme. Publicly unveiled at the Eurosatory defence exhibition during June 2022,, the new tank utilises the same hull that of the Leopard 2A4, but with a new turret equipped with a 130 mm autoloading main gun. The KF51 Panther will also benefit from 3 layers of protection: passive, reactive and active in addition to integrated warning and detection systems.

The tank’s primary armament consists of Rheinmetall’s Rh-130 L/51 130 mm smoothbore gun capable of firing a multitude of types of ammunitions, in addition to a turret mounted weapons station and the combined ability to launch loitering ammunition drones.

Amusing Hobby KF51 Panther Main Battle Tank features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details.
  • Highly detailed chassis and lower hull with weldlines and panels.
  • Highly detailed turret with crisp details, panels, and bolts.
  • Highly detailed NATTER turret weapons station with 3D printed parts.
  • HERO-120 loitering drone launcher in the turret. 
  • Included HERO -120 drone.
  • Fully workable tracks after assembly.
  • Clear parts for periscopes and lights.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Pre Cut masks for digital camouflage application.
  • 2 marking options.