The IJA, Imperial Japanese Army, Tiger I was the inevitable answer to the Japanese military in defending against a US-backed land invasion. The Japanese were in need of heavy tanks, with their heavy tank projects still in the design phase. Nazi Germany responded to its ally’s call offering the purchase of Tiger I tanks to be delivered to the Japanese army.The IJA Tiger I tanks would be supplied with ammunition, radio and optics. Additionally the tanks were to be disassembled and packed before shipping. Getting the tanks to Japan was planned through the use of underwater shipping, since the Allies had total command of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic

IJA Tiger I tanks never saw combat since the individual purchased unit was leased back, or requisitioned, back to Germany to be deployed in combat.

Border Model 1/35 IJA Tiger I, item No: BT-023, features:

  • Slide moulded lower hull and turret with replicated weld lines and fine details.
  • Finely reproduced cast texture on the main gun mantlet and anti skid pattern on fenders.
  • What if rear turret guardrail and wooden boxes.
  • Link and length tracks with realistic sag effect.
  • Cast markings on the road wheels
  • Complete main gun breech assembly.
  • Included stowage and accessories.
  • Clear parts for the periscopes.
  • 1 PE fret for the engine intake grills and various details
  • 1 marking option.
  • Aluminium main gun barrel, resin commander, and PE palm leafs are included in the 1st edition release only.