Sukērumoderā brings you the first part of the newly released 4-part series from AMMO by Mig Jimenez by Accion Press covering AFVs. The second book in the series will be covering figures, and two additional books dedicated to bases and backgrounds.
The first part, AFV at War 1.1, is dedicated to all necessary skills and techniques required for assembling and painting the most relevant WWII AFVs in a specific theater.
The different tools and assembly procedures are presented in varying levels of difficulty ranging from a model kit assembled straight from the box to different items of customization, detailing, different accessories, improvements and the use of photo etched parts.
The painting processes are equally organized minding the different difficulty levels, variations and techniques aimed at obtaining equivalent results.
All the techniques however are related to how the model kit fits into the diorama, stressing the reasons why a given painting technique is better suited for the scene depicted.