The British Challenger 2 TES Main Battle Tank, nicknamed MEGATRON, is the latest generation of the Challenger 2 family. Much like the Abrams TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit), the TES (Theater Entry Standard) system was developed to increase protection of the tank against new threats of the modern battlefield and IED (Improvised Explosive Device) threats, with the combination of reactive, passive and bar armor. First unveiled in July 2016 at the Tank Fest in Bovington, featuring its new armour design and the turret mounted Remote Control Weapon Systems (RCWS), the Challenger 2 TES later saw action with the Royal Scots Dragon Guards in Iraq.
Ryefield Model‘s latest 1/35 Challenger 2 TES consists of 8 grey plastic plus 1 clear sprues, various slide molded parts for the chassis and turret, and a PE fret. The kit features crisply molded details, featuring precise weld lines on the turret and lower hull, as well as the bolts on the up armored package on the hull and turret. Both the suspension system and the tracks are workable, allowing for a diorama setting on a varied terrain. The kit also features the newly added belly armor, driver’s night vision system, and ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) on both sides of the front hull. All hatches, in addition to the Remote Control Weapon Systems are movable after assembly.
One marking option is included in the kit featuring the Bovington Tank Museum’s unit on display.