Takom‘s Bergepanzer 2 armored recovery vehicle is now in stock!

This newly released kit of Germany’s armored recovery vehicle from Takom features a slide molded upper and lower hull featuring crisp details for the anti-slip surfaces, intake covers and grills. The kit also features a fully workable set of tracks after assembly, a small PE part for the engine grill, nylon wire for the winch boom, a copper cable for replicating the tow cable, and clear parts for the periscopes and vision ports.

6 decal markings are included in the kit for 2 NATO Green vehicles, a Desert Tan vehicle serving in the Chilean Army, and the 3 vehicles with the standard NATO three tone camouflage.

Based on the German Leopard 1 tank, the Bergepanzer 2 armored recovery vehicle is designed to ensure the mobility of armored forces by recovering & repairing damaged and broken down Leopard tanks. These vehicles are operated by the logistical forces and tank grenadier companies of the Bundeswehr, as well as foreign operators of the Leopard 1 tank.

The vehicle is operated by a crew of 4: the commander, driver, machine gunner, and radio operator. The welded construction offers the same protection as the Leopard 1 tank, with 25-35mm thick armor at the sides and 10mm armor on the roof, and offers NBC protection and a fire warning & suppression system. Combat protection is provided by a bow-mounted MG-3 and a roof mounted MG-3 AA gun, and six 76mm smoke grenade launchers. The Bergepanzer 2 is powered by a 830 hp 10 cylinder MTU MB 838 CaM-500 multi-fuel engine pack reaching a top speed of 62 km/h with a range of 850km.

The vehicle is equipped with a boom for lifting engines in & out of tanks, as well as a spade & winch system for recovering bogged down vehicles. The Bergepanzer 2 serves in multiple armies around the world to this day.