The WC51 Beep is a lightweight 4WD military utility truck, produced by Dodge during World War II. The trucks served various roles, with both 4WD and 6WD configurations, as weapons carriers, utility vehicles, and transports.

While operating side by side with other jeeps produced by both Willys and Ford, the Dodge WC series of trucks made up nearly all of the light 4WD trucks supplied to the U.S. military in WWII.

AFV Club WC51 Beep U.S. ¾ ton Weapons Carrier, features:

  • Complete, highly detailed engine assembly.
  • Complete undercarriage assembly with transmission, drive train, and suspension system.
  • Can be built with or without the front winch.
  • Highly detailed .50 cal machine gun assembly.
  • Detailed rear cargo bed, with optional tarp beams.
  • Clear parts for the windows and lights.
  • Length of nylon string to depict winch cable.