Featuring finely detailed parts, this newly released kit Victory Kiss Sherman from Meng features a cast texture on both the turret and upper hull. The kit also comes with metal springs enabling the Vertical Volute Suspension System (VVSS) to be fully functional with the workable tracks included. A special jig is included to aid with the assembly of the workable tracks.

The VVSS units feature finely detailed cast texture along with the casting marks and numbers. The differential housing is included as a single part with molded cast texture. The kit also includes PE parts for the light guards, if the scale modeler chooses not to use the provided polystyrene ones. 2 types of road wheels are included for replicating various versions of the United States’ iconic WW2 tank. Transparent parts for the commander’s copula and hatches’ periscopes are included.

The Victory Kiss Sherman also includes a turned aluminum barrel just as the regular M4A3 Sherman (76) from Meng. As included bonus, this limited edition set includes an extensive upgrade PR set provided by ET Models, plus a set of two unpainted resin figures, featuring the tank commander and a lovely young woman sharing a kiss for a romantic diorama scene!