The Unimog 404, also known as Unimog S and Unimog 404 S, was a vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz, produced in the Unimog plant in Gaggenau from 1955 to 1980. With the previous Unimog 401 considered as a prototype, the Unimog 404 met huge success as a utility/off-road truck. The Unimog 404’s success led to the vehicle to be deployed, no less than 36,000 vehicles, into the Bundeswehr.

The Unimog 404 was also widely exported, and was configured in many ways due to its light, reliable 4×4 chassis. Various types of weaponry were installed on the truck’s rear flatbed and was deployed in combat in the Middle East, and Africa to date.

AK Interactive Unimog 404 S Middle East Version features:

  • Newly tooled, highly detailed kit.
  • Complete lower chassis assembly with engine, transmission, and suspension.
  • Complete driver’s cabin with corrugated details, breaker box, and instrument panel.
  • Highly detailed rear cargo bed.
  • Cabin doors and engine hood can be built as open or closed.
  • Clear parts for windshield and lights.
  • Resin wheels.
  • 3D printed snorkel.
  • 4 marking options.