The Type69-II is a Chinese second generation main battle tank developed of the locally licensed version of the Soviet T-54A, also known as the Type59 tank. With great similarity to the Russian T-54, the type69-II tank also benefitted from reverse engineered technology derived from the Russian T-62 main battle tank. Equipped with a 100mm smoothbore main gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial and a 12.7 mm anti aircraft machine gun on its turret much like its Russian counterpart, the Type69 was also equipped with armored side skirts, storage racks on the turret, and smoke grenade dischargers, a new engine, ballistic computer, and a laser rangefinder. While being the first locally developed main battle tank by China, the Type69 was exported to various countries. With over 1500 units sold to Iraq alone, the Typee69 saw extensive combat during the Iran-Iraq war and Desert Storm, with 200 units still in active service to this date with the new Iraq army. 

Takom‘s 1/35 Type69-II Iraqi Medium Tank consists of 16 light grey polystyrene sprues, a slide molded lower hull and turret, 1 clear plastic sprue, 2 PE frets, a metal cable for the tow cable, and individual track links. The kit features a highly detailed slide molded lower hull featuring crisp details and weld lines. The turret’s accurate weld lines around the main gun’s mantle and cast texture are realistically reproduced.

The kit features crisp details as can be seen on the subtle cast surface texture, realistic looking weld lines, separately molded fuel lines, casting lines on the rubber rims, and the the highly detailed vinyl dust cover for the main gun’s mantlet. Clear plastic parts are included for the headlights, and periscopes. A metal cable is included to replicate the tow cable. The PE fret contain parts for the engine deck and grills, fender brackets, main searchlight armored cover, and various small details. The PE frets contain parts for the turret basket bins, light guards, fender brackets, and various parts on the kit.

The kit can be built as one of the two provided options, one type 69-IIG and one type 69-IIG command vehicle.

6 marking options are included in the kit depicting 4 Iraqi army tanks, 3 Desert Storm & 1 currently in service unit, 1 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (RGC) captured unit during the Iran-Iraq War, and 1 Royal Thai Army unit.