The PLA Type 59 gun is a licensed Chinese version of the Russian M-46 130 mm towed field gun. For many years, the Soviet M-46 was one of the longest range artillery pieces in existence, with a range of more than 27 km and up to 40 km with assisted rounds. The Type 59 gun, produced by NORINCO of China, can sustain a rate of fire by a trained crew of up to six rounds per minute firing a diverse array of ammunition types.

Exported to various countries, both the Russian M-46 and PLA Type 59 130mm gun saw extensive action during various conflicts worldwide, including the Middle East.

Trumpeter PLA Type 59 130mm Towed Field Gun features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring intricate assembly.
  • Movable gun after assembly.
  • Gun can be built in either transport or firing mode after assembly.
  • Complex gun sight assembly.
  • Slide molded stabilising arms.
  • Rubber tires with authentic tread patterns.
  • 1 PE fret.