The second kit in the Russian T-54 series from Takom, the Tiran 4 IDF Medium Tank is here!

This highly detailed static model of the Tiran 4 contains 524 highly detailed parts in grey, including clear parts for the various periscopes found on the tank, slide molded lower chassis, photo-etched parts, 2 types for mantlet dust covers, and 1 steel wire for replicating the tow cables on the tank.

The Tiran 4 from Takom gives you the choice of 3 various different unit markings’ serving in the South Lebanese Army (SLA) with 2 units serving in Lebanon, one during the Israeli occupation of Lebanon other wise known as operation “Peace For Galilee, one unit serving in Jezzine during 1985, and finally one SLA training unit in the Negev desert.

The kit features a flawless easy assembly with minimal parts, maintaining all the crisp details such as weld lines, turret cast texture, and bolts. Newly tooled parts in the kit include the new type of fenders and storage bins found on the Tiran 4 IDF Medium Tank, new commander’s and gunner’s copulas with their mounted machine guns. The main road wheels feature complete details showcasing the inner hub assembly. Additionally all hatches can be positioned after assembly.

It is to be noted that Takom was the first to release a fully detailed Tiran 4 kit including units serving in Lebanon. This kit contains the reworked slide molded lower hull and reinforced hubs for the front wheels.