The T-64BM BULAT is a vastly upgraded and improved version of the aging 50 year-old Soviet T-64 main battle tank. Undergoing significant factory overhauls and modernization in Ukraine, the BULAT incorporated a new night vision sight system, fire control system, and an upgraded engine. Its unique Nizh ,Ukrainian for knife, reactive armor offered better performance and protection against tandem warheads than the Soviet made Kontakt-5 ERA, in addition to the newly installed composite add-on armor on both the turret and hull. Armed with a new Ukrainian made 125 mm main gun, a 12.7 mm NSV anti-air machine gun, and a 7.72 mm coaxial machine gun, the T-64BM is capable of firing the KOMBAT laser-beam riding precision antitank guided missile, in addition to its conventional 125mm ammunition. Various versions of the  T-64 main battle tank, alongside the BULAT, were deployed into combat during the Ukrainian crisis in 2014 against  pro-Russian separatists.

Trumpeter‘s T-64BM BULAT consists 20 light grey plastic sprues, 1 clear sprue for the periscopes and vision ports, a slide molded chassis and turret, 2 PE frets, a length of copper wire for replicating the tow cable, and a decal sheet. The kit features crisp details as can be seen on the newly molded front composite armor and rear engine deck. The newly tooled up armored side skirts feature realistically reproduced delicate handles and bolts details, in addition to the kit’s detailed lower hull assembly. The included link and length tracks provide an effortless assembly, which can be further upgraded with a fully workable set of tracks if the scale modeler chooses to. The newly tooled turret features a subtle cast steel texture, newly added composite armor blocks, in addition to a highly detailed anti radiation shielding common to the T-64 family of tanks. The turret also features a highly detailed NSV 12.7mm antiair gun, in addition to the rear mounted snorkel and wading apparel. All hatches can be assembled in either the open or closed position. The additional Nizh externally mounted armor (ERA) is composed of various parts and can be easily modified to replicate either missing or damaged parts just like the real tank in battle. 

3 marking options are included for 3 Ukrainian units. One unit painted in overall Green, and 2 units painted with a standard or a digital camouflage scheme.