The Russian T-55AMV tank is an upgraded version of the T-55AM tank, which carried the Kontakt-1 explosive reactive armor (ERA) instead of the passive BDD armor. The ERA bricks were mounted on the turret’s front, hull front and the hull sides. Armed with the same D-1oT 100 mm rifled main gun, a 7.62mm SGMT coaxial machine gun, and a 12.7 mm DShK heavy machine gun,  the T-55AMV saw action on various battlefields dating from the former Soviet Union to recent conflicts such as during the Syrian civil war.

Takom‘s 1/35 Russian T-55AMV kit consists of 17 light grey polystyrene sprues, a slide molded lower hull and turret, 1 clear plastic sprue, 1 PE frets, a length of metal cable, and a bag for the individual track links. The newly tooled kit features a highly detailed slide molded lower hull featuring crisp details and weld lines. The turret’s accurate weld lines around the main gun’s mantle and cast texture are realistically reproduced.

The kit features crisp small details as can be seen on the complex and intricate ERA blocks, separately molded fuel lines, casting lines on the rubber rims, the highly detailed vinyl dust cover for the main gun’s mantlet, a very subtle cast surface texture, and realistic looking weld lines. Clear plastic parts are included for the headlights, and periscopes. A metal cable is included to replicate the tow cable. The PE fret contain parts for the engine deck and grills, fender brackets, and various small details.

12 marking options are included in the kit depicting 7 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) vehicles during the Syrian civil war, 2 Russian vehicles, and 3 African vehicles relating to Uganda, Algeria, and the African Union.