The Soviet T-55AMD Mod.1981 is a modernised version of the iconic T-55 medium tank, equipped with the Drozd (thrush) active protection system. Various upgrades to the tank included a new fire control system, modified gun sight, improved gun stabilisation system, a new engine with improved suspension and RMSh tracks, increased armour protection, and side skirts.

The T-55AMD was the world’s first tank equipped with an operational protection system. Developed in the Soviet Union, the Drozd APS was designed for increasing the tanks’ protection against anti-tank missiles and RPGs. The Soviet Naval Infantry saw it more adequate to install the Drozd APS on a small number of tanks instead of opting for appliqué armour, or acquiring newer T-72s. As a result, about 250 tanks were secretly kept in stores, to be later upgraded with reactive armour. -55AD is also fitted with the radio set R-173, sight TShSM-32PV, “Tsiklon-M1” stabiliser etc. of the T-55AM.

Ryefield Model 1/35 T-55AMD w/Drozd Active Protection, item No: RM-5091, features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details and weld lines.
  • Highly detailed turret featuring realistic cast texture and weld lines.
  • Highly detailed lower hull and chassis.
  • Newly tooled side skirts and belly armour.
  • 1 Piece moulded main gun barrel with thermal sleeve.
  • Highly detailed DShK 12.7mm assembly.
  • Fully workable torsion bar suspension system after assembly.
  • Full workable RMsh single link tracks after assembly.
  • Cast lines on the rubber rims.
  • Finely moulded fuel lines with connectors.
  • Highly detailed 3D printed main gun dust cover.
  • Highly detailed Drozd APS.
  • Clear plastic parts for the turret’s IR light, headlights, and periscopes.
  • Length of nylon cable to replicate tow cable.
  • 1 PE fret included.
  • 2 marking options for 2 USSR units.