The latest Stratenwerth 16T Strabokran w/Vidalwagen And V-2 Rocket is a combination of 3 previously released kits in 1/35 scale by Takom. The kit combines the 16T Strabokran, the Vidalwagen carrier, and the V-2 rocket in one box. The kit consists of 17 light grey sprues, rubber tires for the crane and carrier, copper chains and nylon wire for the Strabokran’s cables, and two PE frets. The kit features fine, crisp details with fully riveted panels on the V-2 rocket’s body and fins.

Takom’s 16T Strabokran w/Vidalwagen And V-2 Rocket depicts a real time photo of German troops loading the V-2 rocket into its carrier trailer to be transported to its launcher, allowing the scale modeller to build an almost complete, ready diorama of German’s most feared World War 2 rocket.

The V-2 rocket was the world’s first ballistic missile developed by Germany during World War 2. Weighing in at over 12 tonnes, the missile required specially designed, heavy equipment. Such equipment included mobile carriers and erectors, due to the missile’s short range requiring close deployment to the specified target. The combination of these equipment allowed the fast, safe deployment and launch of the V-2 rocket from various sites, giving the crew ample time to leave the area prior to any return fire from the Allies.