While not seeing heavy service in battles like its former predecessors, both the T-55 and T-62, the Soviet T-64B Main Battle Tank was developed as a new generation of main battle tanks for the Soviet Union. Still, the T-64B revolutionized the development and adoption of the new 125mm main gun, equipped with a new automatic loader, reducing the number of crew needed from five to four while also reducing both the weight and the turret size of the tank. The Soviet T-64B was also capable of launching anti tank missiles from its barrel, a new type to be later seen on the Russian T-72B Main Battle Tank.

The T-64 tank series were only operated by the former Soviet Red Army and were not exported much alike the T-55, and T-62 series. Due to too many revolutionary designs, these newly acquired tanks were not properly maintained especially after the appearance of the T-72B 1985 Main Battle Tank. A small amount of T-64Bs were equipped to Hungary in 1981, following the Soviet Southern Army of Hungary.