The South African Olifant Mk1B Main Battle Tank was developed as an interim solution, based on the British Centurion tank, while entering service with South African National Defence Forces in 1991. The South African Olifant Mk.1B main battle tank has a number of armor improvements over its MK1A predecessor in the field. Additional passive armor was bolted to the front glacis plate and nose of the hull. The turret has been reinforced with additional composite armor, as well as the addition of belly armor, new skirts, and an automatic fire suppression system.

The South African Olifant Mk.1B main battle tank is armed with the British L7 105-mm rifled gun, compatible with all standard NATO 105-mm munitions. Secondary armament consists of two 7.62-mm machine guns, coaxially and on top of the roof.  The Olifant Mk.1B tank has a crew of four, including commander, gunner, loader and driver.

The Olifant is powered by a new Continental turbocharged diesel engine, providing a whopping 950-horsepower from Israel, replacing the ageing petrol engines in earlier variants, improving the power to weight ratio, additionally improving gas consumption.

Item No     83897
Item Name     South African Olifant MK1B MBT
Bar Code     6939319238979
Scale     1:35
Item Type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Dimension     Length: 274.5mm   Width: 99.4mm
Total Plastic Parts     500+
Total Sprues     11 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and turret
Chromeplate Parts     n/a
Resin Parts     n/a
Metal Parts     n/a
Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
Film Accessory     n/a
Released Date     2018-07
More Features     The kit consists of over 500 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded turret , upper hull and lower hull
>photo etched parts included
>individual track links