The Ural 63095  Typhoon U is Russia’s 6 wheeled multi-functional, modular, armoured, mine resistant (MRAP) vehicle. Mainly intended for transporting troops, the Typhoon U’s modular design can be modified to fit various roles on the battlefield such as reconnaissance, command vehicles, mobile workshops, and even ambulances.

The Typhoon U can transport up to 12 fully equipped soldiers, in addition to its 3-man crew. The vehicle’s composite armor protects both the crew and passengers against small and light firearms, while the laminated glass features gun ports for safely engaging targets from inside the vehicle. Three top hatches, 1 for the crew’s cabin and 2 for the passengers’ compartment, allow for the installation of various weapons if needed.

RPG Model Russian URAL 63095 Typhoon U consists of 8 light tan, 1 clear plastic sprue, 1 reflective sticker for the side mirrors, 6 rubber tires, 2 PE frets, metal springs, and a decal sheet. The kit features finely molded, highly detailed parts. All hinges, bolts, and weld lines are authentically reproduced and are visible on the vehicle’s cabins, engine bonnet, and the huge passenger’s cabin.

The kit features a full chassis assembly, complete with the engine and transmission, in addition to a full interior for both cabins, with 12 passenger seats at the rear. The kit also features a fully workable suspension system on all 6 wheels thanks to the included metal springs, allowing for a varied terrain setting.

One marking option is included for a parade vehicle painted in overall Russian Green.