The Russian T-80BVM is an upgraded model of T-80BV main battle tank. Publicly unrevealed in 2017, the T-80BVM benefitted from its predecessor with upgraded armor protection capabilities, an improved gas turbine engine, and an upgraded gunner’s sight same as the one installed on the T-90 and T-72B3 tanks. It is the first T-80 tank to be equipped with the “Relikt” contact type explosive reaction armor ERA, which is the same as that used on both the latest Russian T-90M and T-90MS main battle tanks, defending against armor-piercing shells. The tank’s side rubber skirt are equipped with internal layer of steel armor, along with the hull and rear turret slat armor for enhanced protection. The T-80BVM is reported to be also equipped with a passive defense system against anti tank guided missiles just like the T-90.

Trumpeter’s 1/35th scale Russian T-80BVM consists of 27 light grey plastic sprues, 4 light brown for the tracks, 1 PE fret, a slide molded lower hull chassis and turret, and 1 decal sheet. The kit depicts the iconic T-80 tank with its turret, rear mounted snorkel featuring the latest armor packages and upgrades as seen on the real tank. The kit features delicate details on both the original and upgraded parts as can be seen on the weld lines and rivet details on the newly included front glacis armor, side skirts, and turret armor, as well as the thinly molded slat armor.

One PE fret is included containing parts for various parts of the tank.

One marking option is included for one International Military-Technical Forum vehicle, painted in Russian green.