The Russian T-80BV Main Battle Tank, produced in 1985, is an upgraded version of the Russian T-80B Main battle tank equipped with explosive reactive armor. The additional reaction armor can increase the protection against shaped war heads used in modern battlefields.

The Russian T-80 Main Battle Tank is a main battle tank designed and manufactured by the former Soviet Union. It is considered as the developed model of the previous T-64 main battle tank. Production of the T-80 began in 1976. It was the world’s first main battle tank equipped with a gas turbine engine. The T-80B Main Battle Tank and its variants are still in service in the armies of Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, South Korea and Ukraine. The last model designated as T-80U was produced at the Omsk plant in Russia, with the latest variant known as the T-80UD, and the further improved Ukrainian T-84.