T-72B3M, also referred to as T-72B4, is the latest upgraded variant of the T-72B3 main battle tank which was first exhibited to the public in 2014. The tank’s latest upgrades include a new fire control system, a new thermal sight, a new panoramic cupola for the commander, enhanced radio systems, and a rear-view camera as well as a mechanical drive display system.

Armed with the 2A46M5 125mm smoothbore gun, an advanced version of the 2A46M cannon, the T-72B3M can fire a range of ammunition such as armor piercing,  high-explosive rounds, as well as the 9M119 Refleks (NATO codename: AT-11 Sniper) guided anti-tank missiles at ranges up to 5 KM.

The T-72B3M MBT is equipped with the new Relikt explosive reactive armor (ERA), replacing the previous Kontakt-5 second-generation ERA, in addition to the 4S24 soft pack ERA and slat armor on the sides and turret offering superior protection against modern battlefield threats.

MENG‘s Russian T-72B3M MBT w/ KMT-8 Mine Clearing System kit features:

  • Highly detailed lower hull and turret featuring cast armor texture, accurate weld lines, and sharp bolts.
  • Newly tooled side skirts depicting the latest version of the T72B3M tank.
  • Newly tooled intricate slat armor for the lower hull and turret.
  • Highly detailed newly tooled KMT-8 Mine clearing system, which can be posed in either the extended of retracted position.
  • Highly detailed newly tooled soft pack ERA blocks, with design differences for added realism.
  • Transparent parts for the periscopes and headlights.
  • Fully workable torsion bar suspension system and newly tooled tracks.
  • 3D sculpted vinyl part for the main gun’s dust cover.
  • Photoetched parts for the engine’s rear grills.
  • 3 marking options for 3 Russian vehicles.