This Russian T-72B3 MBT Mod.2016 1/35 scale model kit, by Trumpeter, consists of more than 1400 parts for assembly, including a copper wire for the tow cable, photoetch parts, as well as a slide mold lower hull and a turret. The Russian T-72B3 MBT Mod.2016 features refined, accurate details, with individual track links.

T-72B upgrade proposal code-named Rogatka. First shown at the 2006 Russian Arms Expo, it is equipped with a new fire control system including a gunner’s thermal sight, Nakidka camouflage kit, a new 125 mm 2A46M-5 main gun with muzzle reference system, V-92S2 1,000 hp diesel engine and the new Relikt 3rd generation ERA which is claimed to be twice as effective as Kontakt-5.