The Russian T-72B1 is an up-armored version of the former T-72 Ural tank in addition to various internal upgrades. The T72B1 featured an applique’ armor on the front glacis plate as well as an improved turret, nicknamed Dolly Parton, making the T-72B1 the thickest and most effective of all Soviet tank armor exceeding the frontal armor of the T-80B. Later versions of the tank were further upgraded with Kontakt-1 ERA (explosive reactive armor) blocks on the hull and turret.

The T-72B1 saw extensive combat deployment on many fronts, with additional modifications such as the recent addition of a Javelin cage for units deployed in Ukraine.

Trumpeter‘s Russian T-72B1 w/ KMT-6 & Javelin Cage kit features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp details.
  • Subtle cast texture effect and weld lines on the turret.
  • Newly tooled turret javelin cage as seen in the latest Ukraine offensive.
  • Separately moulded Kontakt-1 ERA Blocks.
  • Individual track links assembly.
  • Transparent parts for the periscopes and headlights.
  • 3 photoetched frets for the engine’s rear grills and various parts.
  • Length of copper cable for depicting tow cable.
  • Length of vinyl tube to depict external fuel pipes.
  • 1 marking option for 1 Russian vehicle deployed in Ukraine.