The Russian T-72B Main Battle Tank is an up-armored version of Russia’s iconic T-72 tank. The addition of a new glacis plate armor, as well as the Kontakt 5 explosive reactive armor (ERA) on the turret, can be compared to the same level of protection of that’s in the T-80U. 

The T-72 is the second new type of main battle tank produced by the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Development included some of the main features present on the T-64 main battle tank, such as the auto loader’s system in the turret. The T-72 is the most widely produced main battle tank after World War II, after the T-54/55 series tanks.

Various upgrades and armor protection packages were installed on the T-72 main battle tank, in order to further improve the export prospects of the tank. This further upgrade program led to the production of Russia’s latest main battle tank, the T-90.