The T-34/85 is a Soviet medium tank that fought with the Soviet armored forces throughout the Second World War. Armed with a greatly improved 85 mm gun over its predecessor, its general specifications remained unchanged until the end of the war. The T-34/85’s sloped armor provided good protection against anti tank weapons, altering future tank designs later as seen on the German Panther tank. Its relatively cheaper cost to produce resulted in a profound effect on the conflict’s outcome despite suffering the most tank losses ever against the German Wehrmacht.

Ryefield Model‘s second T-34/85 consists of 6 tan plastic sprues, a slide molded lower hull and turret halves, one PE fret, a length of nylon rope, and a decal sheet. The kit features excellent, fine details as can be seen on the marking numbers on the rubber rims, the bolts and weld lines across the whole lower hull assembly and turret. The turret features a finely reproduced cast texture as the real tank, in addition to various parts such as the forward DT machine gun firing port. The link and length tracks feature a realistic sag effect which can be upgraded with a fully workable 3D printed version available separately. The wheels also feature delicate cast numbers on the rubber rims. Slide molded parts include a single piece barrel, along with the external fuel tanks eliminating the need for filling and sanding. The provided PE fret includes parts for the engine’s rear cover along with various parts.

2 marking options are provided in the kit, for one Chinese Volunteer vehicle No:215, and one North Korean Army unit during the Korean war.