The Russian 9S32 Radar, NATO code name “Grill Pan”, is a mobile multichannel missile engagement guidance radar developed in 1983. It is a part of the Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) S-300V defense system which was developed to engage short and intermediate range ballistic missiles. Capable of engaging up to 6 targets at the same time, the 9S32 is tasked with detecting and defending, with the help of the S-300V, task forces, and vital industrial and military installations against mass air attacks. The 9S32 is also capable of  engaging cruise missiles, strategic and tactical aircraft, as well as early warning and electronic warfare aircraft.

Trumpeter‘s Russian 9S32 Radar consists of 17 light grey plastic sprues, 5 light brown sprues for the individual track links, 1 transparent sprue for the windshields and clear parts, a slide molded chassis and lower hull, a length of copper wire for the tow cable, 2 PE frets, one decal sheet and a masks sheet for the transparent parts. The kit features a fully detailed crew compartment which is visible through the front windshields or open side cabin doors. The plenty inclusion of slide molded parts, such as the main radar’s pan antenna and various electronics bays, provides the kit with an abundance of small details which can be brought through with proper weathering techniques. The “Grille Pan” antenna can be built in either the deployed or stowed position. The 2 included PE frets provide details for the various grills, screen intakes and parts on the kit.

Two marking options are included for two Russian vehicles, one vehicle painted in overall green and one vehicle in 3-tone camouflage.