The Russian MAZ-7313, is an updated version of the MAZ-7310 which was first unveiled in November 1965 during the Moscow Red Square military parade as part of SS-1’s Scud B system. Fitted with a new chassis and suspension parts, the 7313 was used as a chassis for heavy mobile cranes, airfield fire trucks, air and sea defence systems as well as transport utility trucks.

Trumpeter Russian MAZ-7313 Truck features:

  • Highly detailed kit featuring crisp parts and details.
  • Detailed slide moulded parts.
  • Complete drive train assembly with engine, power train, suspension, and transmission assemblies.
  • Complete driver’s cabin with dashboard, seats, and controls.
  • Highly detailed rear cargo bed Complete rear water pump assembly.
  • Rubber wheels with authentically reproduced tire pattern.
  • Die-cut masks for transparent parts.
  • 2 PE frets.
  • 2 marking options.