The KV-1 was the first in the series of Soviet heavy tanks, developed during WW2, named after the Soviet defense commissar Kliment Voroshilov. The KV tanks were known for their heavy armour protection during the early stages of the war, which was practically immune to the mounted guns of the early Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks fielded by the invading German forces. However, the tank was no longer on par with the emerging Panther and Tiger tanks to be later replaced by the IS-1 and IS-2 tanks in 1943.

Manned by a crew of 5, the KV-1 was armed with a 76.2 mm main gun in addition to 3 machine guns.

Ryefield Model 1/35 Russian KV-1 Heavy Tank w/ Cast Turret, item No: RM-5056, features:

  • Highly detailed lower hull featuring crisp bolts and weld lines.
  • Newly tooled cast turret with reproduced cast texture and weld lines.
  • Finely reproduced cast texture on the main gun’s mantlet and side covers.
  • Highly detailed turret machine gun assembly.
  • Single piece, slide molded main gun barrel.
  • Fully workable torsion bar suspension system after assembly.
  • Fully workable tracks after assembly.
  • 2 types for the gunner’s sight.
  • 2 types for the engine deck.
  • 2 types of inner sprockets.
  • 2 types of return rollers.
  • 2 types of torsion bar covers.
  • 2 types for the tow hook bases.
  • 2 types of spare tracks on fender.
  • Clear parts for the headlight, and periscopes.
  • 1 PE fret.
  • Length of nylon string for depicting tow cable.
  • 2 marking option for 2 Soviet vehicle during WW2.