The Russian GAZ 233115 “Tiger-M” SpN SPV is an upgraded version of the GAZ 233014 “Tiger” developed for the Russian Ministry of Defence. Mainly provided to Russian special forces, it features a new YaMZ 5347-10 diesel engine, a new armoured hood, air filter installation, and smoke grenade launcher installation. The “Tiger-M” went into mass production and is being supplied the Russian Armed Forces.

 About the Model 

This kit comes with a full passenger compartment interior. All doors can be built as open or closed. The roof weapon station mount can be rotated. Clear parts are provided, to depict light lenses, as well as the armoured glass. The front wheels are steerable. Fine PE parts are included.
Length: 165mm Width: 66mm

Front wheels can be steered for a more realistic look.

An updated engine hood, highlighting the unique variation of the Tiger-M.

Rotatable Roof Weapon Station.

Clear parts are included to replicate the lights, front lenses, and bullet-proof windows.

Authentically reproduced rubber tires.

The kit captures the unique look of the Tiger-M to its finest details!