The Russian BREM-1 is an Armored Recovery Vehicle based on the T-72 chassis.  It is equipped with a heavy duty winch capable of 25 metric tons pull with a 200 meter cable for recovering knocked out tanks and vehicles. It is also equipped with a crane capable of lifting up to 12 metric tons lift capability as well as a cargo platform for carrying spare parts, such as tracks and wheels, as well as an electric generator and welding set.

The later version of the Russian BREM-1, BREM-1M, was upgraded with a new V-92S2 engine capable of 1000 HP and a crane capable of lifting 20 metric tons, as well as new fittings to allow the crew to connect the main cable to a knocked vehicle without exiting the vehicle.

Operated by a crew of three, commander, driver, and rigger, the BREM-1 is equipped with a 12.7mm NVST heavy machine gun for self defense.

The Russian BREM-1 saw service in various Arab countries, such as Syria and Iraq, as well as the Soviet Union and Russia. The BREM-1 saw action, supporting and recovering knocked vehicles, during the Syrian War equipped by the Syrian Republican Guard painted in a single Sand color, as well as the Syrian Arab Army with various Green and Sand camouflage patterns, and captured units by other waring factions.

Trumpeter’s Russian BREM-1 consists of 24 grey plastic sprues, 7 light brown sprues for the individual link tracks, 1 transparent sprue for the periscopes and vision parts, 1 slide molded chassis, 2 PE frets, a length of copper cable for the winch, and a decal sheet. The kit features excellent details, such as on the slide molded tools’ box, dozer blade, and crane assembly. The BREM-1 can be built with the spare parts’ bin left off for mounting spare parts on the platform. The highly detailed crane crane can be rotated and elevated after assembly. The winch’s cable can be simulated with the included copper wire. All hatches can be assembled in the open or closed position.

Three marking options are included with one vehicle in overall protective Green, one three tone vehicle with a protective Green, Black and light Grey camouflage; and another three tone vehicles with a protective Green, Black and Sand camouflage.