With its open cargo bay design, the light truck also known as a pickup, is widely utilised in many battlefields nowadays. Pickups find their way well into military purposes at each corner of the world for their unique advantages. The ZU-23-2 AA gun, developed by Former Soviet Union, is a light-weighted, easily operated and low cost weapon system widely adopted by many nations and has seen active performance in hot spots in Africa and the Middle East. Due to its mobile nature, the gun can be fitted onto various platforms as a highly effective mobile infantry fire support weapon.

 About the Model 

This is a 1/35 scale plastic kit representing the famous Toyota PICKUP with a ZU-23-2. The doors can be assembled in the open or closed position. the complex structure of the ZU-23-2 AA gun is accurately molded. The AA gun barrels are movable with the sight via a unique linkage system, which can be depicted in the various travelling/firing modes. Precision PE parts are included.
Overall length: 140mm; width: 57mm

The vehicle’s Russian impressive outline is precisely molded.

the pioneer tools on the vehicle are also finely reproduced.

The intricate colors are provided as well designed decals, to ensure the maximum complicated look of the interior.

The vehicle’s face is accurately reproduced as per the real vehicle, with PE parts for replicating the inlet grille.

The tires are specifically molded to replicate the full texture as per the real vehicle.

The chassis details are authentically represented with steerable front wheels.

The richly detailed weapons’ station mount highlights the vehicle.

All doors can be built in either the open or closed position, showcasing the full interior.

This model kit contains dark greenplastic sprue, as well as a decal sheet and a PE fret.