The Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Howitzer, “Msta-S”, is a self-propelled 152 mm howitzer designed by Russia, which entered service in 1989 as the successor to the 2S3 self propelled howitzer. The vehicle is based on the T-72 tank hull, but use the T-80’s wheels. The 2S19’s gun crew can load the gun at any angle of elevation. Ammunition and gun loading, laying and re-targeting are highly automated, allowing maximum firing rate of 8 rounds per minute with on board rounds and 6-7 rounds per minute with rounds from the ground. The system provides automatic gun loading for projectiles and semi-automatic loading for charges. The design of the ammunition rack allows different types of projectiles to be stored in the same rack. The automatic loading mechanism can select the type of ammunition and control the loading and the number of rounds.

Item No    05574
Item Name    Russian 2S19 Self Propelled Howitzer
Scale 1:35
Model Brief    Length: 339.3mm   Width: 103mm
Total Parts    1000+
Metal Parts    copper cable
Photo Etched Parts    2 pcs
Total 18 sprues, lower hull , upper hull and turret
Released Date    2013-11
The kit consists of over 1000 parts
the kit w/refined detail
multi-slide molded turret and lower hull
photo etched parts included”