The People’s Liberation Army’s ZTQ15 is a light tank in service with the Chinese Army since 2017. Unveiled during the 70th anniversary military parade in 2019, the ZTQ15 was developed as a light weight, agile tank.

Nicknamed “Black Panther, this new Chinese tank is armed with a fully stabilized, 105mm rifled gun, compatible with all NATO standard 105mm tank ammunition. The bustle mounted automatic loading system reduced the vehicle’s overall dimensions and operating crew to 3.

The ZTQ15’s modular armor provides protection while also reducing the tank’s total weight and dimensions, resulting in a smaller target on the battlefield.

Mainly intended for reconnaissance and infantry support operations, the ZTQ15 can be airdropped and operated in tight and high-altitude environments such as mountains, jungles and river regions, inaccessible to heavier Chinese main battle tanks.

The box contains 4 light grey, 1 clear plastic sprue for the periscopes and headlights, a slide moulded turret, lower hull and chassis, poly caps, a rubber mantlet cover, a set of vinyl tracks, and a decal sheet. Meng’s 1/35 PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank features a low part count, providing an easy build for beginners in the hobby. The tank’s main barrel is accurately replicated in several pieces eliminating the need to fill any gaps or seams during assembly, in addition to the designed main gun mantlet cover.

The kit’s replicated movable suspension system in addition to the one-piece vinyl tracks allow for an easy diorama setting on an unlevel terrain.

All crew hatches can be built in either the open or closed position, with optional parade auxiliary equipment mounted on the lower hull’s front.

Two marking options are provided for two PLA tanks, either painted in a regular or a digital camo scheme.